Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grape Stomp 2011

We visited the Pahrump Valley Winery on Saturday, Oct 8th.  We enjoyed lunch at the restaurant and entered the Grape Stomp 2011.  Lorrie Zeddies and Mary Brady (on the right) entered from our chapter.  Donna Bartelt and Sharon Scott also entered.  Sharon Scott is from Laureate Alpha chapter in Missoula, MT.   Idamarie Roberts, Joan Bowers and Stan Nelson cheered us on.

We had 2 minutes to see how much juice we could stomp out of bunches of grapes.  Donna and Mary stomped grapes while Sharon and Lorrie removed grape stems and skins from the buckets so the juice could drain into pans below.  Did you know that 2 minutes can be a long time (see 2nd picture)?
Luckily, we didn't drink what we stomped.  The bottled stuff was pretty darn good!

What a way to start our chapter year!  Stay tuned for more adventures from Laureate Chi this year!